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Why SCNECon?  At SCNECon, new educators will find themselves in an electrifying, comforting, and safe environment that is centered completely around their growth and development.

Why September? Since deciding to be teachers, new educators have been in situations where they simply imagine what their class will be like. At the SCNECon, new educators will be able to prepare for the class they have, gather resources for the students they are serving, and learn how to be the best educator for the students they currently serve.

Why Saturday? Saturdays are days set aside for rest, relaxation, renewal, and FUN. We want to provide all of that to you at SCNECon. There is no need to develop sub plans or use one of your professional days. Come spend a few hours with us on September 21st. It will definitely be time well spent.

What does registration cover? Registration covers breakfast, lunch, your conference laptop bag, all materials, entry into the most electrifying professional development experience in South Carolina, and registration into your Regional Breakout Session. We also have several surprises, giveaways, and door prizes to give away!

When will we know more about the Regional Breakout Sessions? The Regional Breakout Sessions will be developed based on your stated needs. During the SCNECon, each participant will complete a needs assessment. The SCNECon Team will analyze the results and develop professional development sessions, enlist consultants, find resources, and prepare another conference to present these materials to you. 

Will you provide a justification letter for supervisors?  It would be our pleasure. Below is a template supporting your request to attend SCNECon that you can edit and submit to your supervisor.  Also consider sharing this with community leaders and organizations that could support your attendance.